Teacher Training
April 6-12, 2023

Led by Lux SeattleAcro
Hosted by Play Zen, Moshav Livnim

Six days of intensive study including discussions and personal practice

Topics will include:

- Evaluating, diagnosing and offering students the greatest chance of success in their practice without overwhelming them.

- Personal and group communication skills

- Softer skills including conflict resolution, leadership, and community support.

* * * * * * * *

* Teaching held in English * Main teacher - Lux * Co-teacher - Yanai

Who is this for?

- Acro teachers who are looking to improve their teaching skills and gain new perspectives on how to teach effectively
- Acro practitioners who plan to teach acro in the future
- Advanced acro students who wish to dive deeper into the practice by understanding student-teacher dynamics and the mechanics of learning.

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The Essence Of Teaching

The essence of teaching is in serving your students.This training focuses on techniques that will serve your students long-term. Come learn how to teach with greater efficacy.

There will be required reading and discussion of ethics of teaching and personal conduct as a teacher and community leader. Participants will be required to adhere to a code of conduct and a commitment to foster a culture of safe and progressive learning.


Hosted by: Play-Zen, Livnim

Cost and Payment

4,000 ILS per person

This includes
- Participation in the entire TT (partial attendance is not an option).
- Three meals a day (meat, vegetarian and vegan options available).
Payment in instalments is available

About the location:

האירוע כולו מתקיים בבית “פליי-זן” במושב ליבנים אשר ליד הכנרת. (כל התמונות המופיעות בעמוד זה צולמו לאחרונה באזור). The studio has spectacular views of the lake and mount Arbel, and is 10 minutes drive from a quiet and secluded beach.

Sleeping in dorm style rooms is included in the basic price
- Private rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis with added costs


Please Click HERE to fill out this form. Required for registration
- We will contact you for a short personal interview to assure mutual compatibility
- Payment is required to complete registration and ensure your spot

Terms of cancellation:

If we decide to cancel the event, your payment will be returned to you in full
if you decide to cancel your participation:
- 60 days prior to event or more - full refund
- 14-59 days in advance - 50% refund
- Less than 14 days prior to event - no refund

For any further questions (including sleeping arrangements), please contact Paula at: +972-55-5503-144


Lux has been a student of circus acrobatics for the past 20 years. Though he is now retired from the stage, Lux performed for many years in duo & trio acro acts.
Lux began teaching Acro to recreational practitioners and professional acrobats in 2005. Over the past decade, his approach to teaching and creating acro content has earned him a loyal following across the globe.

Today, Lux is best known as a teacher, content writer, and leader in the global acro community. In addition to teaching weekly intermediate and advanced series in Seattle, Lux regularly leads workshops and Teacher Trainings in the United States and around the globe, including at the Israel Acro Convention where he has been a central figure for over 10 years.


Yanai began his journey in the late 1990’s as a student of Yoga in the Iyengar method. He learned acro from the hands of several Dutch teachers, among them Peter van Valkenhoff. Yanai has been teaching acro - in Israel and around the world - for 18 years. In 2004 he also performed with his wife and 4 kids in circus street performances and on various stages around the world.

Yanai is as excited about the learning process as he is about the success of a particular exercise. He has conducted many workshops and classes in countries around the world and continues to teach weekly classes at the Kfar Yehoshua Circus School, in Karkur and Tel Aviv.

Yanai's way of teaching is characterised by flexibility and is full of curiosity. This allows him to explore together with his students the limits of what is possible. He teaches different acro styles, but specialises in standing acro, handstand, trios and acro for parents and kids.

הוא ושותפו הוותיק אבנר הוכפלד הקימו את AcroIsrael והשניים נחשבים בעיני רבים ל”אבות האקרו” בישראל.


  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

    • Yes, it will look similar to the one shown here on the left

  • Will I be able to get insured with this?

    • Yes, in Israel you can get insured as an acro teacher with this certificate. In other countries and contexts you should check requirements.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    • Yes, up to three installments is standard. If you need more let us know.

  • Will I learn new acro tricks and moves?

    • לא באופן ישיר. הכשרת המורים נועדה ללמד אותך איך ללמד, לא איך לעשות אקרו. יחד עם זאת, את/ה תבלה 6 ימים בסביבה עם הרבה חברים מוכשרים ויהיה גם זמן לג’אם וללמוד דברים חדשים תוך כדי משחק.

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    • With no extra payment, you can:

      • have a mat and beddings in a dorm style space at Play Zen that includes a common shower and bathroom, AC, kitchen and bar. (limited to 20)

      • Pitch a tent in our yard

    • add 100 Shekels a night to share a room with another person at Play Zen (limited to 3)

    • add 400 Shekels a night to share a Zimmer with 2 or three others next to Play Zen (limited to 4).

  • Does the event include meals?

    • Yes, three meals a day, served by a cook dedicated to the event.

  • What are the prereqs? Am I at the right level to join?

    • Your intention to teach acro or dive deeper into the practice and learn communication styles that promote optimal learning conditions - is the primary prereq.

    • People who sign up for this Training commonly have between 1 year and 10 years of acro experience, and many of them have experience either teaching acro or teaching other related skills.

    • Please feel free to contact us if you feel unsure about your suitability.