Code of conduct and cancellation policy


Cancellation policy for the upcoming convention

Taking into account the special situation we are all in, we will accept cancellation up to 3 days before the event and you will receive either a full refund or credit for the full amount (your choice). Notices of cancellation by email only In addition, if we are forced to cancel the event for any reason your money will be refunded in full


Cancellation policy

  1. Our refund policy is congruent with the consumers protection laws in Israel as applied to events. Meaning: you may cancel your ticket within 14 days of purchase as long as the cancellation is not less than 7 work days before the event. The dealer is allowed to take a transaction fee of 5% from the deal or 100 shekels, then lower of the two.
  2. In order to receive your refund you must send a notice by email.
  3. No refunds for not showing up unannouced

Please note: Changes in weather conditions may occur (rain, cold, wind or heat), under which Acro Israel may decide to still hold the event.

If AcroIsrael decides to cancel the event (at our discretion), your money will be returned to you in full or we may offer you credit for a future event, at your choice.

Ticket purchase

  1. Tickets are sent automaticaly to the buyer via email that you inserted during registration
    If you did not receive your tickets you may inquire at
  2. You may transfer your ticket to another person by notifying us by email
  3. Transfering a ticket to another person is your responsibility, and yours alone.
  4. A ticket includes participation in all the activities during the event as long as there is room and according to your level of expertise. Please be at the class location 10 minutes in advance to ensure your attendance in case it is crowded

Responsibility for content

AcroIsrael is the sole entity responsible for the content on this website, to the best of its knowledge at the time of publication
AcroIsrael is entitled to update the information on the website from time to time as life happens

Conditions for participation in the event

All forms of harassment of participants during our events will not be tolerated!
If such cases occur, and after clarification, the persons involved in harassment will be removed from the event without a refund

It is mandatory to notify the teacher of any class in case you have any medical condition or physical or emotional problem which may impede your function or be unsafe for you or for those around you if you participate in a certain activity.

AcroIsrael is not responsible for theft or valueables that may be lost during the event.

We, AcroIsrael, are comitted to holding the event as best we can, according to the website and in line with our financial abilities at the time