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Shavuot and Sukkot in Gan-Hashlosha (Sahna)

Acro Israel Convention

The last conference was held on Metzoke-Dragot

Acro-Israel has a variety of acro events throughout the year: Acro conventions for families with children and Adult conventions for acro practitioners of all levels

Our events are designed for both the general public who have no experience and experienced acrobats who want to advance and develop through excellent teachers and a safe space. For this we have built a number of conferences where you can find the exact place for you. The Israeli Acro Conference - on March 24-27 at Metsoke Dragot - is an event aimed primarily at those who engage in the acro field as a regular hobby or as a profession, but it also has ample space for those who are beginning their careers in the field. You love movement and touch, dance people, and families who love shared physical recreation, you are welcome to join the global acro family! Along with classes and workshops with the best teachers in Israel and around the world, you will also find "soft" workshops of movement, touch, juggling and massage. Who are not (yet) acrobats.