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Acro-Israel events are intended both for the general public who have no experience and for experienced acrobats who wish to progress and develop with experienced teachers in safe spaces. We have created several conferences where you can find the exact experience for you.

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אם אתם אוהבי תנועה ומגע, אנשי מחול, ומשפחות שאוהבות בילוי פיזי משותף, אתם מוזמנים להצטרף למשפחת האקרו הגלובלית! לצד שיעורים וסדנאות עם טובי המורים בארץ ובעולם, תוכלו למצוא גם סדנאות “רכות” של תנועה, מגע, ג’אגלינג ומסאג’, שמתאימים למי שאינם (עדיין) אקרובטים.

International Acro Convention
Metzoke Dragot

Our main event!

Suitable for those who do acro as a hobby or as a main practice but also for those who are NEW to the realm of acro

A celebration of Family Acro 
Every Sukkot and Shavuot holiday
At the beautiful location of Gan Hashlosha

The events are family-oriented and they offer a rich array of activities for kids and their parents (together and separately). We also have amazing shows, fun games and a spacious camping area lush and green

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