Our Vision - Bringing people closer with acro

Our goal is to connect people who love Acro with teachers who love to teach and create a safe and development-encouraging environment where there is a place to meet, play, explore and have fun.

Acro-yoga? Acrobalance?... How do you say it?

אקרו-יוגה או אקרובלאנס או בקיצור ‘אקרו’, זוהי דרך בה שני אנשים או יותר יכולים להתחבר פיזית, בצורה כייפית ונעימה תוך הקשבה ותקשורת בונה. פעילות ה-אקרו עוסקת בבניית פירמידות אנושיות ומציאת איזון ביחד עם אנשים אחרים כולל מעברים וזרימה אנושית דינמית. לתירגול של אקרו-יוגה שורשים במסורות קדומות רבות, ביניהן קרקס, התעמלות, יוגה, עיסוי תאילנדי, קונטאקט אימפרוביזציה, מגע, תיאטרון ועוד. אנחנו מאמינית שבניית אמון ורגישות, תקשורת מכבדת ותשומת לב לגופנו וליכולות שלנו, הם בעלי חשיבות גדולה כשאנחנו באים לשחק עם אנשים אחרים. כשהעקרונות האלה משתרשים, השאר בא באופן טבעי…

What is Acro-Israel

Acro-Israel is a company founded in 2010 by Yanai Lev-Or and Avner Hochfeld, with the intention of holding large-scale Acro events that will strengthen and build the community in Israel. We organize conventions and festivals hosting teachers from all over the world. The events, in addition to regular classes and open sessions have proven to be an effective way for people to meet, learn, play and connect.

The Founders

Avner Hochfeld

I went to Circomedia Circus School in England and specialised in acroblance. I am a student of Peter van Valkenhoef from the Netherlands, one of Europe's leading teachers and acrobats. Together with my good friend Uri Weiss, I created and performed in the famous duo "Captain Zucchini" and other shows such as "La Familia," "Fantastico" and"Chicken with the Imagination."
Today I perform at birthdays and festivals in the country. I started teaching Acro in 1997 and I still feel the desire to pass on the knowledge I have gained to new and experienced students alike. Among other things, I took part in the Drama Mitra Yoga Teacher course and am a certified practitioner of traditional Thai massage.
My main focus in teaching these days is Icarian Games.

Yanai Lev Or

I started out many years ago as a yoga student in the Iyengar method. I then learned juggling and other circus subjects until I found my love for acro. For 19 years I've been teaching acrobatics and it continues to be something that fills me with joy and happiness. I am excited every day to see people succeed in achieving their goal and I enjoy watching the learning process as much as the success of a particular trick. Especially important to me is the unique communication that occurs between people when they practice poses of shared balance. In 2004-5 I performed with my wife and children on various stages around the world and in street performances in New Zealand. I also taught workshops and classes in many countries including: New Zealand, Spain, France, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Russia and more. Today I teach at Kfar Yehoshua Circus; in Karkur, and in Tel Aviv. My teaching is style is flexible and diverse, and I love working with students at all levels and in all styles. As a practitioner I really like to base and fly, but I'm most happy to be in the middle role in trios - where I can be both a flyer and a base at the same time. Over the years I have developed many exercises and a unique method of teaching acro to parents and children.