Acro Retreat in Sinai (Egypt)

April 17-22 2023
Registration is now open

6 days in Sinai
with awesome acro teachers

Do acro on the beautiful shores of the Red Sea
Take a day-trip to a desert oasis
Classes with the best teachers
Simply delcious food
Hang out with like-minded acro peeps
Monday 17.4 until Saturday 22.4
(part-time tickets also avialable)

Our Teachers

אדריאן וקטי מורים באקרו

Adrian & Kathy

Kathy – Hi, I'm Kathy, I love to move and share my experience! I started my path in gymnastics when I was 5 years old and there I acquired the basic skills that serve me today. What I like about Acro is the connection to the ground in combination with the lightness and the exercises that are done together and that’s exactly where I put my focus in my classes; standing, the Icarian method, and pops. In my classes I invite the students to explore the feeling through movement, less with words. My motto: life is pyrotechnics, don't try too hard!

Adrian - started his movement journey as a Muay Thai coach in 2005. Over the years, martial arts became integrated with dance and movement and led him to excel in acrobalancing. Adrian's class combines movements from different worlds and he’s main goal is to create an integrated and challenging practice that is not only focused on succeeding at the exercise but really BEING the excercise. What Adrian most loves about acro is Icarian, H2H and of course, flying.

Jon Rea

Jonathan Rea, comes from California, USA. He always had a passion for bodywork, art and everything that allows the body to express itself. After 6 years of lifting weights, he discovered a love for yoga that developed into a greater love for acro. His combined 5 years of yoga, acro and standing acrobatics taught him a whole new world of giving through expression. Building the community and connections he made through his practice made him passionate about self-growth, as well as teaching others about the very passion he now thrives on, acro. He trained under many certified yoga and acro instructors, including Lax (of Seattle Acro) who was one of John's most influential teachers.

Matt & Christina

Matt and Christina met through a mutual love of acrobatics while training in San Diego where they fell in love and then got married. Christina has been a gymnast and acrobat her entire life and Matt has 10 years of experience as a base. Together they love to teach and train high level acrobatics. They take pride in their detailed instruction and safe progressions to help students learn safely and have a great time!

Dasha Kalinikina

דאשה קליניקינה חוזרת אלינו פעם נוספת! דאשה התאמנה באקרו מאז 2010. הרקע שלה הוא מורה ליוגה ועיסוי תאילנדי. היא עשתה הכשרת מורים ב-Acro Revolution ב-2019 ו-Partner Acrobatics ב-2021. היא התחילה כאחת הראשונות ברוסיה כאשר עדיין לא הייתה קהילת אקרו. לאחרונה היא מטיילת, לומדת ומלמדת אקרו במקומות שונים בעולם. דאשה היא אחת הבסיסות הטובות והיצירתיות בעולם!

Lux Seattle-acro

Lax is one of the world's most famous acrobats. He was born in Israel (speaks a little Hebrew) and grew up in the United States. He is one of the creators of best known exercises and transitions. Have you heard of Ninja Star? Spider-Roll? Monkey-Prog? Nantuck? These are just a small part of Lax's inventions. His way of teaching is detailed and clear and backed by tremendous experience over the years. He likes to teach acro on an L-base basis and enjoys working with any audience, regardless of the level of the students.
  • ~ Place ~

    Ramadan Beach, Ras Ha'Shitan. An intimate and tidy place with a classic SInai atmosphere. 

  • ~ Accommodation ~

    You get a bed in a hut/room with 1-2 other people. Mattress and bedding are supplied. Showers and toilets are clean and communal. You can upgrade your sleeping arrangements on site.

  • ~ Food ~

    Food is simple, tasety and abundant. Vegan and vegetarian options are available alongside fish and chicken. The price of 90 ILS per night includes breakfast and dinner. Other meals and snacks, drinks etc. are cheap - about 20 ILS per meal.

  • ~ What to bring ~

    You don't have to bring anything from home except comfortable clothes, swimwear and light clothing for the evening and the night. Improvise. If you have snorkeling equipment it's well worth bringing, including water shoes or flippers. Make sure you have a valid passport at least 3 months ahead of the date of the trip!

  • ~ Connectivity conditions ~

    Expect some electricity and some wifi. Open during daylight hours.

  • ~ Acro ~

    During the retreat there will be a range of classes for all levels. The intention is to have a morning class and an evening class every day. The number of participants is limited, so there will be a lot of attention to each participant and we will be able to give challenges at different levels as needed and desired by the practitioners. Head teachers from around the world will share their knowledge and expertise. A full list of teachers will be published shortly. We'll leave enough time to enjoy the beach, the freedom, exercise independently and rest. A detailed schedule of who teaches, what and when will be published below!

  • ~ Sea, nature and weather ~

    April is a great month weather-wise. The air is dry and crisp and there is a nice breeze most of the time. The huts have AC. Water temp. is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Do bring any goggles and other snorkeling equipment you have - it is well worth putting your head underwater. The scenery is breathtaking and one of the best attractions in the world - hands down!

What is included in the ticket and what is not

Ticket includes:

  • Transportation from Metzokei Dragot (the convention location) to the retreat on 17.4 and back to Tel-Aviv on the 22.4.
  • All the activity during the retreat: yoga, handstand and acro classes; a trip to the mountains... party-time, etc.

This price does NOT include:

  • Extra night at Metzoke Dragot if you order a room (if you are camping its free).
  • לינה וארוחות בסיני: עבור 90 ש”ח לאדם, ללילה תקבלו מיטה בחושה של 2 או 3 אנשים פלוס ארוחת בוקר וערב. ניתן לשדרג את הלינה בעלות קטנה ממש. You can pay in dollars, shekels or Egyptian currency. Each participant will have their own tab.
  • Border port fees and entrance visa (about 185 Shekels for both sides).
  • Covid testing if and when required by authorities
  • Drinks such as water, tea, coffee, beer, etc.

For those opting to come only for half the time:

  • If you come for only the first half, on your way back we will take you to the border on the Egyptian side and you will arrange your own transportation from there.
  • If you come for only the second half, you should make your own way to the Taba crossing and we will pick you up on the Egyptian side.