Sinai Retreat

Acro retreat in Sinai 28.3-2.4/2022

Immediately after the convention... an experience you do not want to miss - 6 days in Sinai with some of our top acro teachers!

This year we invite you to a unique event that includes acro in the amazing landscapes of the Sinai coast, a trip to the mountains, acro classes with some of the best teachers and spending time with good friends in one of the most special places in the world. As of today we already have some great teachers thrilled to join! We plan to have a combination of lots of fine acro, delicious food, stunning views (above and below the water) and unparalleled serenity. We will set off the day after the convention (leaving from the convention location), drive to and cross the border into Egypt and stay at a lovely beach in the strip known as Ras Hasatan. We will take a day trip to one of the springs in the mountains and 'surf' the sand dunes in the area. On Saturday we will return together by shuttle to Israel. Total 6 days (5 nights) - you can also buy a partial ticket and join us some of the days.
  • ~ Place ~

    Ramadan Beach, Ras Ha'Satan. An intimate and tidy place with a classic SInai atmosphere. 

  • ~ Accommodation ~

    The price of participation includes a single bed in a hut with another 1 or 2 people. There are mattresses, bedding and blankets provided. Bathrooms and showers are shared with the camp. Accommodation can be upgraded at a small cost when we arrive

  • ~ Food ~

    Breakfast and dinner is included in the price (there will be an option to choose vegetarian, fish or chicken for dinner). The food is simple, delicious and satisfying. Additional meals are not included, but cost about NIS 20-30 per meal (depending on what you order).

  • ~ What to bring ~

    You don't have to bring anything from home except comfortable clothes, swimwear and light clothing for the evening and the night. Improvise. If you have snorkeling equipment it's well worth bringing, including water shoes or flippers. Make sure you have a valid passport at least 3 months ahead of the date of the trip!

  • ~ Connectivity conditions ~

    Expect some electricity and some wifi. Open during daylight hours.

  • ~ Acro ~

    During the retreat there will be a range of classes for all levels. The intention is to have a morning class and an evening class every day. The number of participants is limited, so there will be a lot of attention to each participant and we will be able to give challenges at different levels as needed and desired by the practitioners. Head teachers from around the world will share their knowledge and expertise. A full list of teachers will be published shortly. We'll leave enough time to enjoy the beach, the freedom, exercise independently and rest. A detailed schedule of who teaches, what and when will be published below!

  • ~ Sea, nature and weather ~

    March is often perfect weather in Sinai. The air is dry and there is a pleasant breeze for most of the day. Most days are mild. The water temperature is suitable for snorkelling or swimming and is very inviting to get refreshed between classes. Sea shoes will come in handy and we really recommend putting on a mask and putting your head under the water – you'll see a huge variety of fish and corals in all colours and shapes... Awesome experience!

What is included in the ticket and what is not

Ticket includes:

  • Transportation: from Metzoke Dragot (convention location) to the retreat location on March 28 and back to Tel-Aviv on Saturday April 2.4
  • Accommodation: a single bed in a 2 or 3 person hut (you may upgrade your sleeping arrangements for a small extra fee (on site).
  • Two meals per day.
  • Participation in all the Acro, handstand and yoga classes.

This price does NOT include:

  • Extra night at Metzoke Dragot if you order a room (if you are camping its free).
  • Border port fees and entrance visa (about 185 Shekels for both sides).
  • Covid testing if and when required by authorities
  • Drinks (tea, coffee, beer, water).

For those opting to come only for half the time:

  • If you come for only the first half, on your way back we will take you to the border on the Egyptian side and you will arrange your own transportation from there.
  • If you come for only the second half, you should make your own way to the Taba crossing and we will pick you up on the Egyptian side.